Between the Hanseatic towns of Rostock and Stralsund, enclosed by the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Bodden, is the 20 km long and 2km wide peninsula of Zingst and the Baltic Sea resort of the same name.

It is a natural resort with a hundred-year-old tradition and fulfills all the requirements for all-round relaxation and recuperation. The "Freesenbruch" holiday park is on the outskirts of the Baltic Sea resort Zingst, bordering on the nature reserve.

The beach is around a 20 min. walk away, and to the centre of the town it's around 10 min.

You can journey here

  • by car via the A19 motorway in the Stralsund direction, up to the Rostock-Ost exit; on the B105 you drive to Altheide, take the "Fischland" exit and continue to Zingst
  • coming from the east by car, take the B105 to Ribnitz, continue via Barth to Zingst
  • If you are travelling by train, You get off at Ribnitz-Damgarten / West or in Barth, then take the A210 bus to Zingst (during the holiday season the bus will also take along bicycles! ).
  • In the peak season it is advisable to follow traffic relief instructions (alternative routes indicated).